Don't Talk To Police

The legal advice that could change your life

Because the Rocky Mount Police Department is bothering citizens for feeding cats in their own yard, which is not even against the law here, yet they won't help a 74-year-old woman recover her stolen phone.

Because a friend of mine is facing charges for shooting an intruder who ran at him after this intruder refused to get down on the floor and wait for police to arrive.

Because the local police never were any help for me when I called them, so I don't even think about calling them for anything now.

Because the sheriff gets a free platform to spew his propaganda in the local newspaper (which happens to be owned by someone in Minnesota) to support locking up our taxpaying citizens for victimless crimes.

Because of all that and more, our citizens need to be educated on how to deal with some of these so-called law enforcement officers in our area. Please watch the videos below and share them with your friends and family.

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