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Brave Browser

I must assume the default Chrome browser on Android is full of spyware for Google, because that's what they do, so I tried Firefox, but I couldn't find a decent ad blocker for web browsers on Android, and Firefox on Android doesn't allow users to set their own home page, such as my Web Portal, presumably because Mozilla profits from the links they put on the home page that they force upon their users. Users have complained and requested the ability to set a custom homepage years ago, but Mozilla still refuses to implement this simple customizability that has been available in every serious web browser since the 1990s.

Instead of sticking to making software, the software company is trying to engage in political activism in the guise of freedom and choice, yet Mozilla won't even support the choice that they as software developers can give you to set your own homepage on your own phone. Is that slightly hypocritical, or is it extremely hypocritical?

I tried Brave, and I see no reason to return to Chrome or Firefox except Firefox does display my NuzeBot results better right now. Brave is blocking the ads that I hadn't figured out how to block with Firefox or Chrome. I'm no longer seeing ads on YouTube on my phone.

Update: Brave seems to be less friendly to HTML5 game development and is not displaying many character entities.

Mint Linux

Linux has come a long way (baby, cough-cough) and is no longer just for nerds. Linux is a free and open source alternative to Windows. Open source means the operations being performed by the software running on your computer are not being kept secret from you. We should all support open source software projects (but not necessarily support a foundation led by a certain man who compusively parrots every issue that he sees coming from the mainstream media propaganda).

Linux is great for old computers running versions of Windows that are no longer supported or that have become unusable or unstable due to malware, crashing, or other failures of Windows. Don't assume that your old hardware is bad just because Windows is. Hardware generally doesn't get slower or less reliable over time, but Windows does. If you clean the dust from the fans and heatsinks, old computers will usually work just fine for many more years.

Linux is also great for new computers. Just replace the awful Windows operating system that you're forced to pay for when you buy a new computer even if you don't want it due to the deals made by a monopolistic Microsoft that opposes choice unless maybe it's for killing your unborn. Once you replace the Windows operating system with Linux, the spying by Microsoft is over. Or you can set up a dual-boot system that can either boot Linux or Windows if you think you might need Windows for something.

You can try Linux before installing by using a live USB or live CD. Running Windows requires a license and an ordeal, you might still need to correctly enter a 64-character key, I'm not sure. Anyone can run Linux by plugging in a USB dongle and rebooting. (Some computers might need a BIOS setting changed, but I'm not sure if that's common or still needed. I will check on that.)

Windows is annoying because it makes the hard drive light come on all the time due to all the unnecessary activity, just wearing out drives for something that I don't even need to be running. Very distracting and annoying. Some of the Linux desktops also do regular indexing to improve the underwhelming search capabilities, which makes similar drive activity, so I use minimalist desktops on Linux. Just use my FindFiles instead of the crazy drive monsters.

uBlock Origin

On a laptop or desktop computer, I use uBlock Origin to block ads and tracking for web browsers. I don't see ads on YouTube except when they're in the video, you know the way some do them in the video. Only rarely has it not worked. I generally don't see ads elsewhere, either. I'm not supporting Google by letting them show me ads or track me.

Blocking content is not illegal. The software is available via the "Google Play Store" and Mozilla's Firefox Add-ons website.


I use GIMP for most of my manual editing of images. It's a bit aggravating sometimes but has many features.


I use ImageMagick for my automated image editing.


This is software for your laptop or desktop computer allowing you to download videos from YouTube for personal use. This is sometimes necessary because YouTube, owned by Google, is best described as evil, though there are some handy videos hosted there due to the monopoly.

Some content creators may cry foul when we use ad blockers or video downloaders, but they don't mind supporting Google. Interesting contrast.

Downloading or copying videos for your own personal use is not illegal.

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