A History of Genocide

The U.S. has a history of engaging in and supporting genocide.

Since the U.S. is supporting genocide once again, let's talk about genocide. The U.S. support of the genocide of the Palestinians is not surprising with all the other genocides this country has made possible in the world.

Native Americans

First, we had the genocide of the Native Americans. As contact increased with the original peoples, many died of the diseases brought by the settlers, which they viewed as God giving them the inhabitants' land. Then we had these Christian people giving out blankets carrying smallpox.

Then, many indigenous peoples were actually rounded up and murdered en masse. Or forced to walk hundreds of miles as in the Trail of Tears, which was also genocide. The genocides on the west coast happened last, when the rest of the nation was trying to be more civilized, so maybe that's why we seem to have better records of the genocides there.

School of the Americas

The U.S. trained men from Central and South America in things like "counter-insurgency" at Fort Benning in Georgia, and many of those men later committed atrocities against civilians.

Khmer Rouge

There are disturbing indications of support for Khmer Rouge by the U.S. government. They killed a whole lot of people, including children.

Hiroshima & Nagasaki

The U.S. is the only country to use nuclear weapons offensively, and it used them against civilian cities.

Saddam Hussein

Hussein was supported by the U.S. while he was committing atrocities against Kurdish villages, which he used as testing grounds for chemical weapons he received from the U.S.

A Reagan official said, "Hussein is a bastard. But at the time, he was our bastard."


So now the U.S provides military aid for Israel, as if they can't afford the ammunition for their own genocide there of the Palestinians.

More Coming

I'm sure I'll think of more instances where the U.S. has supported genocide or did it themselves, so check back another day.

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