Hire Ron

Programmer & Webmaster

I started programming over 30 years ago, so I bring a lot of experience in coding, debugging, and managing software projects.

I can do some good things in C, PHP, Python, Bash, JavaScript, and HTML + CSS.


I'm familiar with just about every aspect of creating and operating websites. I've even run various kinds of servers myself. I've edited server configuration files. In addition to CPanel, I've used FTP, SFTP, and SSH protocols from the terminal to connect to servers. I've even made custom servers. Talk about a full stack developer. My stack overfloweth.


I have experience in sockets programming, winsock, Tkinter GUIs, Blowfish encryption, image processing, making custom servers, OpenGL graphics, utilities, game development, DOS programming, HTA files, 6502, 65xx, and more.

I'm interested in coding for embedded systems that require efficient code.

I'm interested in legacy code in old BASIC languages. I try to maintain my BASIC programming skills. Your BASIC programs from the 1980s and 90s can be updated or even translated to another language.

I think it's interesting to try to make software more resistant to the glitches caused by radiation and cosmic rays.

I'm interested in collaborating for the development of games or other software.

I'm presently most interested in working remotely or locally. I guess we could move, though.

I'm currently most interested in gigs and part-time work, but let me know if you think a job suits me.

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