With Friends Like Israel

Israel has knowingly attacked the United States on multiple occasions.

You and your children and grandchildren are going into debt for a country that attacks us because they think we're a bunch of gullible fools. With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?

Operation Susannah

The Lavon affair concerns a failed covert operation, codenamed Operation Susannah, conducted by Israel in Egypt in 1954. Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israel to plant bombs inside American- and British-owned civilian targets, and these attacks were to be blamed on enemies of Israel with the aim of creating a climate of such violence and instability in Egypt that the British government would keep its troops in the Suez Canal zone.

On July 14th of 1954, Israeli agents planted bombs in libraries of the U.S. Information Agency in Alexandria and Cairo, as well as a British-owned theater. It didn't go as planned, and participants were arrested by Egypt.

Israel denied involvement until 2005, when the surviving agents were awarded certificates of appreciation by Israel's President.

USS Liberty

On June 8th of 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty in international waters.

It is believed Israel intended to blame Egypt while preventing U.S. intelligence from learning of their aims in the Golan Heights of southwest Syria, but the Liberty didn't sink before someone managed to get out a distress call despite Israel's jamming of distress frequencies, a war crime like their targeting of life rafts.

If they'll commit war crimes against their best allies, what do you think they are doing to the Gazans?

JFK Assassination

You don't hear it discussed very often, but there's a theory that JFK was assassinated by the Mossad. Considering everything else we've learned about Israel that was hidden from the public, it seems almost probable.

They're out of control in Israel, they have no accountability, and they seem to have too much influence in our government and media. Our government and major media outlets are not trustworthy when it comes to Israel.

Stupid Foreign Policy

China is making friends in the Middle East while the U.S. is making enemies of the peoples of the Arab states and alienating most of the rest of the world that happens to not be loyal devotees of Israel.


When Israel was founded, there were those who had wanted the displaced Jewish people to move to the U.S., that this could be their homeland too as it is ours. Many did and joined this melting pot of different cultures, but others rejected that idea and set out to make the modern country calling itself Israel from the lands that were stolen from the people who were living there at the time.

The country calling itself Israel was created by the British government, not by the prophets or God or saints, not even by decent people. Just the British government, and we know how holy they are.

It was based on the idea that the Jewish people have a "right to return" to a place where some of them lived two thousand years ago. Based on that logic and precendent, the Tuscarora people have the right to return to the place where they lived only centuries ago, so it's ok for them to be aided by a foreign government such as China to throw out the current residents of eastern North Carolina, just as Israel was aided by the British government and is now defended and given handouts by the U.S.

And if you will resist or have a negative opinion of such a situation as do many Palestinians under Israel's domination, you will be demonized and bombed. We are teaching well China and other future powers with our precedents.

The Ol' Robinette

Joe Biden bypassed Congress to support the genocide, telling Israel they had his complete support. To deny one shipment of arms to Israel near the end of a genocidal campaign to make himself look better during an election year when much of his party is against the genocide is pure theater. He thinks Americans are as gullible as Israel does.

Plus, it gives the braindead on the other side an opportunity to bash Joe Biden and pretend that the Republicrats are so very different from the Demublicans. They get to pretend we have a choice. Hooray America and such.


Bear in mind that when you're looking for information on things that you aren't supposed to know about, you often get better search results with Yandex than with Google. Google believes not in liberty but in limiting the information you can find online. Compare your results on Google versus Yandex whenever you search for controversial topics. You have to go to Russia for freedom of information in America.


I can't support Zionism, but I don't hate anyone for their ancestry. Only a year or two ago, I was sending a number of angry emails over a local Jewish citizen being arrested for victimless crimes. I welcome all who want to be constructive members of our community, and I don't see much hate for anyone around here.

Jews are not the only Semites. The Arabs are Semites too, so the term is misused when they attempt to apply it only to those who are against Zionists or all Jews.

To change the subject from genocide to antisemitism is a pretty neat trick by the propagandists.


I've seen videos of the drug cartels in Mexico beheading people and cutting off a variety of other body parts, I've seen beheadings by Isis, I've seen people being burned alive in Africa and people killed by industrial machines in China, and much more, but I've never seen a video of Hamas beheading babies, despite all of the phones and security cameras in a rich country like Israel.

I find gore hard to watch, but I'm inclined to sometimes catch a quick glimpse of the serious things that go on in our reality. When I heard claims about what Hamas was doing, I assumed it was lies and propaganda, but I was watchful to see if videos would surface, and I was not at all surprised when they didn't.

I guess Israel knew that most people would never know the difference, because today's mainstream media wouldn't show real gore even if they had a video, so Israel made whatever outrageous claims that they felt people would believe.

The Cost

What has been the cost of U.S. support of Israel? How much of our national debt was due to supporting Israel? How many American lives have been lost due to the support of Israel? Would the WTC bombing or 9/11 have occurred if Americans weren't under Israel's thumb?

Israel has apparently had a lot of practice trying to deceive Americans. They've made mistakes, but they say an expert is someone who has made every possible mistake in his or her field.

How many times has Israel attacked us and successfully blamed someone else?

What if instead of funding evil around the world, our tax dollars were used to raise up our children the best way possible and make our own country a better place to live?

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