First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate will be available here.

They say the revolution will not be televised, but the first presidential debate will be. Why deal with the awfulness of television when you can watch the debate here? I've got here the USA Today stream from YouTube. The debate should start at 9pm. I don't know if the stream will actually start a little early.

There's no telling what might happen. You got one guy who is a bit outrageous and another guy who seems to be somewhat senile. Outrageous guy is probably angry about the legal attacks against him. Senile guy could fall right off the stage, say something stupid, reveal national secrets, or have a medical issue. Who knows? This could be an historic debate. I guess they all are kind of, but this could be even moreso.

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I lost interest after the Israel-worship and Trump not answering the question about Palestinian statehood. What a sorry pair of candidates.

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