Old DOS Games

Some of my favorite DOS games.

These old games are hosted on the Internet Archive, home of the Wayback Machine, not random websites that might have ads or malware.

These games play in your web browser via emulation. Most probably work better on a laptop than on a typical phone because they require a keyboard. Clicking on a game preview will load the emulator and game using your data. Most are small games, using less than 10 MB.

There are some special keys to use with these and other DOSBox-emulated games.

Shift-Control-F11Slow down emulation
Shift-Control-F12Speed up emulation

If the audio is choppy or framerate low, try adjusting the speed up or down by pressing Shift-Control-F11 or -F12 a few times to see if it helps.

Oregon Trail Deluxe

You're a settler heading west to Oregon's Willamette Valley from Missouri in your covered wagon pulled by oxen. Can you make it?

Zork III

Probably my favorite in the Zork series, this was the first one I played as a teenager back in the 1990s, when it was already an old game. It's a text adventure, so you type in what you want to do like "walk south" or "light lamp" and read what happens next, so it's interactive fiction. It's funny just to see how the game responds sometimes.

SimCity 2000

You're mayor/dictator of a city. What will your city be like?

Hidden Agenda

You're the new president of a country of Latin America. Can you make the country great again, or will you be ousted?

CrossCountry Canada

This game is designed to simulate trucking across Canada.

I'll probably find some more to add here and think of more to say about these games eventually, so remember to check back.

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