Website Guide

These are some of the most useful pages on this website.

Things To Do - A guide to things to do in the area.

Restaurants - A reference to help you find local restaurants, with websites and phone numbers where available.

Radio Guide - A reference listing the broadcast radio stations that you can hear locally on an actual radio, with links so you can check out their websites and listen online where available.

Stream App - A web app for listening to a select number of good online radio stations or audio streams, some local, some not so local.

TV App - A web app for watching a select number of interesting free TV channels, some local, some from other states and countries. It was recently updated and includes local news channels such as WRAL, global news channels such as France24, webcams such as the one at the Whirligig Park in Wilson, and many more.

Portal App - A web app that serves as a simple web portal. It's your portal to the web, with search, news links, weather, and more. Consider making it your home page in your browser settings.

Commerce App - A web app serving as a portal for commerce in the Rocky Mount area. (Still needs work to serve more local businesses.)

RMT Chat - Learn how you can chat with others online in our IRC channel. An alternative to social media.

ChurchTV - Watch church on your computer or phone. (May need updating!)