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Own your own website with easy software installation for a low cost.

I'm not going to lie to try to get more people to sign up to get more commission. I'm just going to be honest as usual, and I bet many people will recognize honesty.

Sometimes there were issues. Once a few years ago, I think I couldn't even open a support ticket because their disk was full or something like that. No hosting is 100%. I'm not sure of the percentage of uptime with this host compared to others, but it's probably pretty good because it's been working almost all of the time.

The main interface for your account always tended to look a bit old-fashioned, but I like that. There are so many features. It provides a modern CPanel interface for managing the website. AWStats shows analytics-type information about your website's visitors. You can check your eMails with a nice webmail interface.

They've always been helpful and understanding when I've had to contact them about some issue. I try to be a good customer and not contact them too much, because as a low-cost provider, I imagine they can't hold everyone's hand through every difficulty in operating a website as much as the guys who charge $100 per month for hosting. But they didn't seem annoyed when I contacted them more than I wanted to about problems that were my own fault. They must just be good people or something.

This is powerful hosting for the small price you pay. You should check it out if you're interested in having a website. If you don't know how to code up a website, you can simply use Softaculous to install WordPress, a forum, ZenCart, or any of dozens of other packages without much difficulty. Or hire a webmaster or whatever they are called today. They can help you with all aspects of owning and operating a website.

Coders like myself can create custom websites or customize existing scripts for you if needed.

I'm promoting it because I'm using it, and I don't generally use and promote things that I don't like. Of course, it's a good deal. I wouldn't be using this web host for about five years if the prices weren't good.

Whether you feel inspired by my website or you've had your own vision for a website, you can purchase your own domain and hosting with my friends or just hook up their hosting to your existing domain. Just click the link and sign up to get started.

If you were to ask me to set you up a website and buy a domain for you, I would just use this host. But it's like I own your website if I buy it via my account, so maybe it's better for you to buy it yourself unless you're the worst person at computers in your zip code. Then be sure to play with your Softaculous interface to see if maybe one of the many script available through that will be useful to you in setting up a website. After that, you can consider getting a webmaster or web developer to help you if needed.

I will probably get a small commission if you sign up and buy hosting and/or domains via this link:


So just go register and get started.

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