Hire Ron


If you want a website, I'll bet that you're either going to pay an arm and a leg or it will look like it was made by a beginner unless you do business with me. Leveraging decades of experience as a computer programmer, a disdain for excessive costs, and a love of superb quality, simplicity, and usability, I can get the job done quickly with a lower final price tag for you, whether you want a personal website, a business website, or something else. Even if you don't hire me as a coder, my advice can be invaluable.

These days, it seems everyone wants to be a coder, but how many are actually making software and websites like mine? I've spent much of my life programming, so I guess I have an advantage for now. And when I don't know how to do something, I usually know how to learn it quick. Do business with me so I can hire and train some of those younger coders before they move away to work for some immoral big business like Google.

I'm a full stack web developer, skilled with modern HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, and experienced with all of the common aspects of managing websites, including FTP, SFTP, SSH, installing WordPress, and more. I've even coded my own custom web servers, so I guess that's beyond full stack, that's extra stack. I still don't know everything, and I don't try to know everything. I just try to know what I know is really needed. It's usually enough, but sometimes I still need to grow. I'm still learning PHP, Python, and WordPress, and there are some popular things that I've never even used.


If you need a skilled computer programmer for the C, JavaScript, PHP, or Python languages, it is probably wise to consider me. I like to make software to make my life easier, and I can do so for you and your employees. I like to make programs to process large amounts of data as quickly and efficiently as possible, and I often play with genetic algorithms and genetic programming.


My many years of experience in managing my own projects and websites make me a good choice for managing or mentoring your software project or website. I'm into honesty more than saying what someone wants to hear, which is helpful in business if it's done right.


I can design circuits or provide advice for your electronics projects.

Business Done Right

Maybe when you try to hire a coder, you'll get a person who will say almost anything to get the job, but then they will do a half-vast job and vanish after getting paid or they will want more money to fix the problems they left you with. I don't do business like that. I live here, so I can't just up and vanish. And anyway, I believe in treating folks right.


C, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, custom servers, sockets programming, winsock, OpenGL, games, embedded, 6502, 65xx, DOS, coder, developer, programmer, applications, programs, software


Just send an email or a voicemail with a brief explanation. Don't call expecting to reach me unless I'm expecting you or will recognize your number because the ratio of wanted to unwanted calls is too low at this time. Don't leave a voicemail saying to call with no explanation. Don't just text hi if you want a reply unless I know your number. Because I don't know if that's a spambot checking if there's a human here or someone trying to say hi to someone else or what. A brief explanation or even just a couple of keywords for your desire to reach me is all that is needed!

Email: ronspain@gmx.us
Phone: 252-904-2009