Rocky Mount Chat

You can now chat in the Rocky Mount chat room!

Click here to join the chat right now if a client is set up to open IRC links on your end.

Or enter a nickname below, then click the "Chat!" button to start. Open Chat Frame

To connect to the chat, you will use an IRC client. There are many IRC clients available, including web-based IRC clients that can run in most web browsers, as seen above.

The #RockyMount channel is found on the DALnet IRC network, which has been around since 1994. Please be respectful of the server, network, and channel, and follow the rules.

IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat, which is a protocol and system for chatting on the internet. IRC has been in use since the late 1980s.

Be patient with chat. Many IRC users today are not always available to chat when they appear to be online, plus the channel/chatroom is still new and may not yet contain many chatters. There are two potential solutions: Hang around in the chat while you're doing other things in hopes that someone will show up, or check in regularly.

Have fun.