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/ This is the home page of the website. Portal/ This is the web portal, your gateway to the web. It's a great home page for your web browser. Restaurants.htm This page shows most of the local restaurants in the area. Getting hungry? things-to-do.htm This page shows many fun and interesting things to do in the area. Use it for ideas for outings with family and friends or when you're bored. Commerce/ This is the commerce portal, which is a gateway for business. It includes two of the pages you've already seen, combined for your convenience. There is currently not one paid link or affilate link here. This is for the users. Radio/ This page shows what radio stations are available from our area. It's almost like a TV Guide for radio. Radio/Scanner.htm This page shows some of the scanner frequencies that are available in the area. This is most of the frequencies that are easiest to receive. Radio.php This page has some interesting streams from the web, some local. Chat.htm Here you learn about the online chat. view.php?s=hillbilly An old letter to me from my mother that people think is funny for some reason. view.php?s=police Don't talk to the police. If you do, just tell them you never met me. Apparently, I'm a comedian today. view.php?s=crime I had to balance things out a bit after that last page. I still need to balance it out a bit more. view.php?s=301-endless We're getting ready for the 301 Endless Yard Sale. view.php?s=fire-ants Gotta kill them thangs. view.php?s=hummingbirds Gotta feed them thangs. view.php?s=israel Gotta stop supporting them thangs. view.php?s=boom We still don't know what it was. Financial/ A free preview of a growing list of financial resources that will be available by subscription. Ron/ Learn a little about the wizard king of this lovely and magical realm. The tour will loop back to the beginning after this.