Enter a short and memorable word to get a long and complex password.

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This program converts your word (or string) to a hexadecimal ripemd hash using secret cryptographic salt. The hash is converted to base64 encoding without padding and shortened to the desired length.

Ripemd is a fast and strong hash, though probably any hash would work for this. Salt makes the hashing much harder to reproduce, because an attacker would need to know or guess the salt. Base64 is used to increase the size of the output character set to include numbers and upper and lower case letters plus the '+' and '/' symbols. This means more entropy for less length of the output password.

This kind of procedure can produce a strong password from a weak one, though if your adversary knows you're using this particular software, it may not help as much as it could otherwise, because they can come here too and try to guess your input word.

The maximum output length is 43 characters.

I've improved the algorithm to produce passwords that are even more random by converting the hexadecimal hash to binary before base64 encoding. If you need the other version that was only online for part of a day, let me know.