Replace Nash Sheriff Keith Stone

Posted 5:20am on 11 July 2022

When the sheriff of Nash County uses the local newspaper as his own free personal platform to spew hateful bullshit to the community in an attempt to justify locking up more of our taxpaying citizens for victimless crimes, it's time to replace the sheriff of Nash County — and perhaps the newspaper as well.

Based on what I know and see of Stone, I don't trust the guy at all. You or I could probably end up suicided by Keith Stone in some dungeon of the Nash County jail or framed with some of his sacks of cocaine to make him look like a big hero. So many people end up dead or facing violence in the jails and prisons in this country. And something just isn't right about Stone. We will explain more in time.

If you have any dirt on Keith Stone, feel free to let us know via email or the forum.

And remember to be sure to vote for someone other than Keith Stone if you believe in constitutional rights, truth and justice in Nash County. David Brake seems like a decent human being.

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