The Amazing Web Portal

So what is this portal thing that we keep hearing about? It is in fact one of the coolest things on the web. It saves you time by making the web more convenient.

In the "Search" area, you can type in a query and press a button to immediately go to search results from that service. For example, type "apples" and click on the Images button to see pictures of apples, exactly as if you had gone to Google Images and entered your query there. Besides images, you have buttons for searching the web, news, videos, and more. If you don't find what you wanted with one button, you can use another without having to re-type your query.

In the "Links" area, there is an assortment of handy links for news, weather, and more. With the smart portal, you can edit the links and almost everything else by typing "edit" (without quotes) in the search box (and pressing Enter).

The portals do not spy on users. Your queries are never sent to our servers. Your web browser uses our JavaScript code to do everything from your own device. Your browser might ask the server if there is a new version of the page when you open the page, but otherwise, there is no data transfer between your device and our servers. The source code for any page can be viewed by pressing Ctrl+U in most desktop web browsers. In keeping with open source software principles, code is not obfuscated in any way.

The portals do not include any third-party code that might spy on you. It is common for websites to include scripts and other resources from a number of third-party servers, but the portals use no third-party content.

The first web portal similar to this was developed sometime around 2010 for personal use as an alternative to all the typical default home pages. It remains the best choice to set as your home page. On a desktop or laptop, you can drag the icon on the left of the address bar to the home button, which may need to be enabled in your browser settings to be shown.

To reduce typing, you might like the Topics page, which exists simply to make it easier to search for common topics using the portal.

Tips & Tricks

• If you press Enter ↵ instead of clicking a button, the first button will be clicked for you. That means Enter takes you to a regular web search.

• Press your 'Esc' key to clear the search box instantly. Instead of deleting everything, just press your Escape key (where available).

• The search box can also perform math. Type 45+76 and press your Enter (or Return) ↵ key to get the sum. You must press Enter ↵ to use the built-in calculator. Use '*' for multiply and '/' for divide. You might also be interested in advanced math such as cos(PI/4) or sqrt(64) - try it. Sure, you can do math with Google too, but the portal does it instantly and without using any of your bandwidth, assuming the portal is cached by your browser. The math is calculated using your browser's built-in JavaScript interpreter, so there is little chance of bugs or mistakes in the math. (FYI, cos is the cosine function, which gives the y-component of an angle that is supplied in radians, and sqrt is the square root function, as sqrt(64) gives the square root of 64. Read about JavaScript Math methods for more information.)

• You don't need to click on the search box first, just start typing. (Many mobile devices don't allow you to start typing until you've clicked, so disregard this tip or trick in that case.)

Warning: Most of the websites that you will reach via the portal are biased and are known to promote misleading propaganda. These are just the best or most popular sites available for you on the web today. RockyMount.US is not responsible for the content on other websites.


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