Sliding Block Maze

A Homebrew Game Boy Game

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Updated 2022 Dec 20

This is the fun new homebrew game for the original Game Boy aka GameBoy, a handheld gaming system that was released in the late 1980s.

The game probably isn't 100% done. I might make a proper title screen, for example. I might try to add some music just to see how it goes. And there are still a few minor bugs.

Play the ROM file in your favorite Game Boy emulator.

You might be interested to know that the sliding blocks were inspired by an old game called Beast that was released in 1984 for PC. So I thought about calling it Beast Maze, but that seems almost impolite, having both similar concepts and a similar name. So I thought about calling it Mazes and Monsters, but I forgot that was an old movie. Maybe I could come up with a random name, but I prefer descriptive names. Perhaps "Sliding Block Maze" would be the perfect name. There are important differences between this game and other games with sliding blocks, making gameplay unique.

Your goal in this game is to collect the rings and move to the right through the maze. You will reach the next level when you move off of the right side of the screen. It can sometimes be tricky to figure out how to slide the blocks so you may pass. If you get stuck, you can shoot blocks to clear a path, but you have very limited ammo, so be sure to pick up more missiles when possible. The vicious monsters can be killed by shooting them or by sliding blocks over them.


D-padMove Player
Hold BMove Fast
AShoot a Fireball Missile
StartPause / Show Info
B While PausedInvert Palettes (if you have trouble seeing things)


While paused, hold down the Select button and press Up or Down on the D-pad to change level.

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