301 Endless Yard Sale

The 10th Annual 301 Endless Yard Sale will be running June 17-18. A phenomenon in its tenth year, it is held on the 3rd weekend in June. For 2022, the event lands on June 17 & 18.

Find items at prices below retail! No shipping! Instant gratification!

In addition to the endless yard sale, we have a couple of flea markets in the Rocky Mount area.

Whether you just like yard sales, are looking for some sort of item in particular, or want to earn extra cash by selling your own excess stuff, you don't want to miss this historic occasion for yard sales. Mark your calendar. You could even set a reminder in your phone so you won't forget.

Participating counties from north to south:

US Route 301 in northeast North Carolina
US 301 runs near I-95 from the lower left to the upper right of this map.

Towns and cities along the way from north to south:

Most of what I'm seeing about the 301 Endless Yard Sale comes from the Johnston County Visitors Bureau, but they're even promoting it for the other counties, so maybe we should be thankful to them. They are still not showing participation from the southern NC 301 counties this year. I imagine that there will be people setting up yard sales along 301 there, but there may not be as many, and there may not be active participation by their local businesses or as much understanding from their law enforcement, but I don't know what the issue is. Maybe I'll email or call someone and ask.

Anyway, be sure to check out the 301 Endless Yard Sale on Friday & Saturday, June 17 & 18 along US Route 301 in eastern North Carolina.

I love this sort of thing because it's empowering to the individual citizens. Anyone can go out there and sell almost anything without paperwork or approval. Supporting the 301 Endless Yard Sale is like supporting liberty.

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